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Just a little something to bring to mind the Joy that JATL has brought us.

Would you like to know how it feels to be in the music business during the Corona Virus Pandemic ?
Remember when the Titanic was sinking and the band continued to play?….. Well, we’re the band.
Fortunately we found the wacky noodles in time and are still afloat and planning for any performances we can do this year safely PLUS, the upcoming historical 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF JAZZ AT THE LAKE 2022!!

In the meantime we have prepared a little song and dance for you all about our amazing history and the people who make it all happen. ENJOY! We Miss You All!!!!

This 2019 Jazz At The Lake Festival was a HUGE hit! 


We were able to bring back Juno Award winner Laila Biali and had our first ever beer garden and outdoor stage featuring three big bands on the Saturday, August 17th and  guitar phenom Jack Semple and Latin pianist Gabriel Palachi on Sunday the 18th. 


EXCITING NEWS!  The Town of Sylvan Lake has purchased a magnificient  mobile stage so we will be able to have repeat performances lakeside again in following years!  We were also able to raffle off a wine tree this year which helped to defray the costs of the festival.  The Sylvan Lake Splash Park Society GIFTED us the wine tree stand  so we will also be able to bring that back to the festival next year.  Thanks so much!


On a personal note, I am busy doing research on material for my next CD.  As many of you know this takes me some time as I am very choosy when  it comes to my material and arrangements.  It has been an amazing few months with the Festival Preparations, volunteer and sponsorship parties,  and I look forward to the snow and being emersed in my music over the winter.  

Thanks to all of you so much for your support! 


EXCITING NEWS! Recently released "Quietly There" album is in contention for an Alberta Music Award for BEST JAZZ VOCAL! It has been an amazing few months with the official album release, CD release parties, shows and performances but this just tops it all off!

Thanks to all of you so much for your support! Thank-you Canada! And a special thank-you to Origin Records!

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